Boer Goats in Kansas


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We are located in SE Kansas. Not far from the Arkansas, Missouri, or Oklahoma border. We have raised boers since 2006. It started with one wether because of one of our daughters in 4H. Then they all wanted to do wethers. It didn't make sense not to raise them with four kids showing. It's grown from there. Be careful they are an addiction.

We now have traditional, spotted, solid, and paint boers. Most of our commercial doe have been sold. We have retained a few of our commercial doe because they give such nice kids. We will have anywhere from 50% to 100% ABGA boer goats.

We strive to raise healthy animals that have good hooves and have a good resistance to worms. We feel that many things are genetic in the animals. Good immune systems, worm resistance, hoof health, and disposition are key areas we cull for.

Please have a look around our site and let us know if you have questions. Below you'll find our main farm rules when purchasing. We have an information and links page and others. Thank you for visiting our website.

If you are looking for information or goats even if we don't know the answer or have goats for sale right now we'd be happy to try to help. Looking for more information. Look at my links and tips page. Lots of reading. But I tried to put down what I have learned in one place.

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